Thursday, 8 March 2012

Every year many visitor come in India to see historic Monuments.But many of them cannot see the all monuments because of less knowledge about monuments and also lack of time they only watch famous monuments but India is historical country of monuments have many monuments to see.

Here i am writing about the famous and most desirable monument which is found in visitor get proper history about the monuments and thing about they want to see or not. I know everyone know about the Taj Mahal, India gate and Red Fort this monuments are very famous so i don't deliver here those monument information.

Here i am throwing those monument information which is less famous but most must watch it.

I have mention some Monuments list read it:

Humayun Tomb: - Humayun's tombis also called as Humayun ka Maqbara which build by his wife after 14 year of his death.Humayun died in 1556.his widow wife Hamida Banu Begam well know by his other name Haji Begam.Historian philosper said this tomb is first elegant disign of mughal style. Many momunets of India build by Persian architecture it also made by Persian architecture.Mirak Mirza Ghiyath, a Persian architecture builds this famous Monument.This was the first monument where use red sandstone.This monument made near river Yamuna, Mathura Road, Nizamuddin East New Delhi, Delhi 110034, India.It open from sunrise to sunset.

Mysore Palace: - Mysore palace Monument most famous place and also most attractive place after the taj mahal.This is we can said because yearly around 2.7 million visitor visit here.this figure is given by tourism industries.Mysore Palace is situated in Mysore city in southern India.This Moumument official residence place of royal family of Mysore,When you talk about Mysore. Mostly people give some brief about the Palaces.Mysore Palace is one of the old fort which builds by the wodeyar kings in 14th century.This Monument situated in heart of city from 3km of City railway station.It open from daily 10.30am to 5.30pm.

Charminar: - Charminar in English Four Towers built in 1591 AD, significant monument located in Hyderabad city,It built by granite and lime-morta.This monument give you presence Of Indo-Sarcenic Tradition. When you enter the Hyderabad you will feel the Muslim cultural influence more in this city.This Monuments have the four ornate minarets connected and supported by four grand arches.Hyderabad is secure place of most recognized structures place in India.

Visit above monuments and Know personally about his history and how beautiful they are.I am very pleased to see this Monument and recommended you must watch it once when you decide to visit Monuments get add visiting list.

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